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Brian Jones from Hampshire office which provides asbestos removal services nationwide.Les - Asbestos removal in Hampshire and beyondAsbestos removal services by an asbestos removal specialist 
Asbestos removal service - our Hampshire asbestos removal specialists.

It was thirty years ago that the links were first made to the health hazards of exposure to Asbestos. Solent Environmental started their work on the handling and safe disposal of Asbestos a decade later. At that stage the industry was in its formative years. Solent Environmental was an early entrant in helping develop procedures and processes to contain the potential health and environmental damage afforded by Asbestos. 

Asbestos was extensively used in buildings from the 1930s until the mid 1970ís. It was, prior to the mid-1970ís, a material that was demolished and disposed over in much the same way as other building materials with no thought or concern for the dangers it presented.
Nowadays the detection, demolition, monitoring and safe disposal of Asbestos are specialised activities. They are (and should be) highly regulated processes only undertaken by expert contractors. Solent Environmental are the experts in all sectors of Asbestos Abatement and removal. It starts with total compliance and the strict adherence to legislation. This is the basis of the Solent Environmental service.
Responsibility and respect for the environment are the key elements here. To Solent Environmental it means doing the job securely and efficiently with minimal impact from it activities. For Solent Environmental quality control in approvals, planning and documentation procedures are all part and parcel of their high standards and accountability commitment. The quality of their operatives in training, qualifications, working expertise, knowledge and aptitude is second to none.

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