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Asbestos Removal

In an industry very much involved in safety and the handling of hazardous material it is not surprising that Solent Environmental strive for professional excellence. Simply stated it means doing things the right way. No stinting. No half measures. This is why for probity, professionalism and assurance to clients the list of Solent Environmental accreditations is extensive and growing. Click here for more information.


The Health and Safety Executive has recently published "Asbestos The Survey Guide" which outlines the legal requirements for building duty holders so far as asbestos is concerned. This marks a continuation of their asbestos awareness campaign. It is a timely reminder of the dangers that we can face on a day to day basis from asbestos in the workplace and how we can all help reduce this risk.

The main point to remember is that all buildings built or modified/refurbished before 2000 require an asbestos survey and also a plan on how the asbestos is to be managed which needs to be regularly monitored and updated. Failure to undertake these could result in prosecution by the HSE..If you require any advice on these requirements please do not hesitate to call us as we are always willing to discuss any concerns you may have.


Solent Environmental Services have recently been featured in edition 63 of the schools magazine and there is also an editorial from our Managing Director Brian Jones on Page 18. A link to the magazine is below and the asbestos feature begins on page 15 and contains more useful information and facts.


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